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Robert Ruark Book Review: Something of Value

Tweet This long novel was #6 on the bestseller list for 1955. Something of Value is a fascinating historical study and is written mostly from the perspective of the English white men who own farms and use native Kenyan labor. Shortly after WWII, the natives in Kenya began a terrorist uprising called The Mau Mau […]

Affordable Reprints of Robert Ruark’s Classics

Tweet Safari Press, Inc. is currently offering reprints on most of Robert Ruark’s classic hunting books which including The Old Man and the Boy and The Old Man’s Boy Grows Older. You can also find Robert Ruark’s African hunting classics Horn of the Hunter and Use Enough Gun. To order your own copy, simply go […]

Robert Ruark Biography: Remembered

Tweet It turns out that the manuscript of a lengthy biography of Robert Ruark has recently come to light. Alan Ritchie, who served as Ruark’s secretary from the early 1950s up until Ruark’s death in 1965, wrote the biography. Jim Casada had the singular honor of editing the work for publication. Here are the details: […]