Garner News recently wrote a fantastic article on Robert Ruark’s love for the month of September. Here is a short excerpt below. I would encourage any Robert Ruark lovers to enjoy the full read!

Robert Ruark grew up in Southport on the lower Cape Fear River below Wilmington. His mentor and grandfather was a crusty old man who was intimately familiar with the out-of-doors and passed on his love of the outdoors to grandson Robert. Not only a great deal of knowledge about nature on the seacoast but a real appreciation of outdoor ethics was taught to the young Robert Ruark.

Over the past week one particular chapter from The Old Man And The Boy seemed to relate well to this early fall weather we’ve been enjoying here in North Carolina. The chapter entitled “September Song” relates how Ruark’s grandfather pulls the young grandson away from regular home duties in order to spend some time fishing for puppy drum and bluefish as fall begins to cool things off along the waterfront.

Quail season had not yet begun and the red drum and bluefish were swarming into coastal waters pursuing jumping mullets and menhaden. It was as a young Robert Ruark states in the book: “The time of the year liked better than any other had started. You could tell in so many ways that summer was finished—your legs didn’t sweat the crease out of your Sunday pants any more, and there was a little nip in the air. The dogs that had been listless and shedding hair in the sticky heat got into condition again without being doused, and began to look hopefully at the tin Liz, like maybe a ride was indicated.”

That is a pretty good description of what the past few day’s cooler weather is doing to a lot of outdoorsmen all across the state. With a special Canada goose season and the dove season opening last week it’s hard to choose between going fishing and going hunting.

What are your memories of September?