The Mullet Wrapper
• September 1:
Historical Bike Tour
• September 15:
Fall Into History
• September 18:
Member’s Potluck
• September 20:
Knotheads Meeting
• September 26-29:
Wooden Boat Exhibit
• September 29:
3rd Annual Southport
Wooden Boat Show
September 2012

Members Potluck
Third Tuesday Evening Adult Program
September 18th 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Bring a dish to share, enjoy good company and hear the
latest updates on the Museum.
Please call 910-457-0003 to register.
Fall Into History Symposium:
Lighthouses, Pilots, and Plying the
Lower Cape Fear
Saturday, September 15, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
This September, join the Museum for “Fall Into History,” a program day filled with
lectures, lunch and learning. Enjoy the sun glistening off the mouth of the Cape Fear
River as September signals the end of summer in Southport.
“The Lost Lights of the Cape Fear” by the Federal Point Historic Preservation Society’s
Rebecca Taylor and Gayle Keresey, bring their passion for lighthouses and
history to discuss the life saving beacons that are now absent from the region. Find
out about NC’s oldest standing lighthouse with Mary Beth Springmeier’s lecture on
Old Baldy, “Bringing Home the Light.” Learn about the Foundation’s plans to build a
new museum to house the Cape Fear lens and its long journey to Bald Head Island.
Wrap up the morning sessions with Bald Head Island resident, Captain Don Albert’s
lecture, “Cape Fear Shipwrecks & Shoals.” He will select a few intriguing wrecks
and nautical stories of the region, spanning from pirates to the present.
After a morning that fills your mind, lunch will certainly fill your constitution with
boxed lunches from Moore Street Market, a local favorite. Participants will enjoy
sandwiches stuffed with fresh, crisp veggies or boar’s head meats, with a side of
delicious potato salad, and a treat.
After lunch, naptime will not be on the agenda! Lunch and learners will join Captain
Bert Felton on Southport’s water front to learn about the families that were, and
some that continue to be, Cape Fear Riverboat Pilots. Discover a history of people
who have been here since the earliest beginnings of Fort Johnston. This necessary
business brought commerce, trade, and sustenance.
$30.00 members / $40.00 nonmembers. Please call the Museum at (910)457-0003
for more information and to register.