The Happiest Seaside Town of 2015 (named by Coastal Living Magazine) was one of the luckiest Seaside Towns in 2016. We are so grateful that Southport was spared the wrath of Hurricane Mathew.  Many prayers and well wishes to all those (US and Caribbean) neighbors who did not fare as well.

We are so grateful to everyone who checked on us or kept us in your prayers and thoughts. Your calls & emails mean the world to us. We are so blessed to have such wonderful guests and are extremely grateful that our relationship does not end when you drive home. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for your friendship!!!

The Inn & the City is up and running and ready to welcome former and new guests. We had time this week to get a few projects done so you may notice a new bed frame in Robert’s Room or a few other upgrades around the property.  We had found the nicely carved frame at our favorite Burgaw antique store and didn’t have the time to pick it up or the room empty to put it all together.  So…we took advantage of the down time and got some things down around the Inn.

We hope this finds all our friends around NC and the southeastern coast well and dry. Continued thoughts and prayers for all those affected in the US and Caribbean.

Hope to see you soon! Thank you so very much again!!!

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